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Spinach and broccoli soup - recipe for the Blood Type Diet



This recipe is for: blood type 0, B, AB. 


Of course after the holidays we all want to get back to our routine, diet and just eating healthier in general.

Personally I didn’t eat much different than how I usually eat..still lots of veggies, no gluten and no dairy so I feel pretty good and I don’t feel like I need to transition to my regular diet because i’ve tried to be consistent throughout the holidays.

The reality is I didn’t even cook that much myself because I’ve been working and it’s just myself and my boyfriend so we don’t eat that much and we try to keep it simple, easy meals.

Some days I just crave a nice bowl of hot soup, especially in the winter time..trust me it gets damn cold here in Canada, I just want hot meals that make me feel cozy! So I throw a bunch of veggies in a pot, basically whatever I have in the fridge that I need to get rid of and it always turns out so good.

Fennel, cabbage, sweet potatoes, onions, broccoli, parsley to name a few..these are always present in my fridge.

This time I picked my favourite veggies but you can use whichever you like, I promise it will turn out just as good or maybe even better!



500 g broccoli

300 g spinach

2 large sweet potatoes

2 onions

about 2 litres water or vegetable stock



olive oil

crumbled walnuts



Peel the onions and the sweet potatoes, trim broccoli and cut them into chunks and florets. Roughly chop the spinach as well.

Add all the cut vegetables into a pot and cover with water or vegetable stock.

Cover and cook, on medium heat for about 30-40 minutes until the vegetables are very tender.

Once the veggies are cooked add the salt and start blending everything with a regular blender or with an immersion one.

Serve the soup hot with your favourite gluten free crostini or crumbled walnuts, top with 1 tbsp olive oil and freshly chopped parsley.