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Zucchini gratin




This recipe is for blood types: O, A, B, AB.




2 medium zucchini (250g)
100 ml almond or soy milk
100 grape seed oil
3 g psyllium husk
3 eggs
1 tsp tumeric




Preheat the oven to 180 C - 356 F.
On a mandoline or with a very sharp knife cut the zucchini into very thin slices, approximately 1/16-inch thick (4 mm).
Arrange the slices of zucchini inside of the baking dish and put aside.
In a blender combine the almond milk, oil, psyllium husk and mix for about 5-6 seconds. 
In a large bowl lightly beat the eggs then add the almond milk mixture, the tumeric, salt and stir very well.
Pour the batter onto the slices of zucchini and bake for about 20 minutes.